Entegre Helva, Tahin ve Lokum üretiminde 60. yılını geride bırakmış Ege bölgesinin lider üreticisi Halis Helva, yeni ürünleriyle ve değişmeyen lezzetiyle sizler için üretiyor. Tamamen teknolojik ve hijyenik koşullarda üretim yapan Halis Helva sürekli gelişim misyonuyla ilerlemektedir. Tarladan toplanan susam işlenerek tahin üretilir ve bu tahinden de helva üretimi yapılır.

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Halis Helva
since 1958

Halis Helva with integrated production of Halva, Tahini and Turkish Delight that has been producing for 60 years and is the leader producer in Aegean region. Halis Helva keeps producing for you with its new products and timeless taste. Halis Helvaprogresses with the mission of continuous development and produces in completely technological and hygienic conditions. Sesame seeds that are collected from the field are used to produce tahini. Then halva is produced from this tahini.


Only the Best

We produce tahini from the native and Humera sesame seeds which have the best taste and flavor.



Tahini halva produced from tahini and sugar beet, made from 100% sesame seeds in 100% hygienic environment with traditional manufacturing!


For Everyone

A natural flavor for 60 years, that everyone can consume safely and soundly from age of 7 to 70.


Natural Energy

Natural energy source on your tables for ages with the fertility of the soil and the energy of nature.


Production Approach

While we were a small halva shop; we have now renewed all our production machinery and equipment with the latest technology. Halis Helva brought many new tastes to the food market by increasing the production capacity and product quality as a result of the intensive efforts.

Quality Production

We always prioritize our understanding of quality, safe, dedicated and traditional production within our production. Our company continues its production with the understanding of making boutique and traditional production with high capacity.

ISO and Halal Certified

Halis Helva, whom has not made any concessions from its quality since foundation, has been awarded with ISO9001 quality and ISO 22000 quality certificates since 2017.

In 2018, the Company expanded its market by introducing its Halal certificate, which helped to sell the products in the Middle East and Gulf countries.

60th Year

In the 60th year, with the same tradition and technological developments as the third generation ..

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